Production Process


In this department advise, study, develop and define all the problems of the piece to proceed with the application of the budget for the client.


Where all types of parts are projected and designed, as well as the projects of molds for their injection in Zamak or matrices for pieces in sheet metal.
In addition, Zamak’s machining programs and fluid simulations are generated.


A functional prototype is realized for its verification, as it will be the piece cast in Zamak or stamped in sheet metal.


This department realizes the construction of the mold or matrix with machineries of last technology. We have a great experience of more than 30 years, and highly specialized conpersonal. The tooling consists of the following machines:
-Electroerosion machines
-Machine cutting machine
– Conventional
-Mechanical centers and lathes
-Cyclical and tangential rectifiers
-Machine to make holes from Ø 0,30
-Other heat treatment furnaces
-blasting machine
-Three-dimensional measuring machine
-Projector profiles, etc …


We have injection molding injectors from Zamak, for the manufacture of pieces between 1 gram and 1 kilogram, for small and large series of parts in Zamak with a high level of quality and automation.


In this department we have 4 presses of 45 Tn for sheet metal parts. Taking special care of the quality of the pieces.


Although the technology of our molds avoids the one that mechanizes the pieces of Zamak with the later, T.Aguayo puts at your disposal threading machines C.N.C for the internal threads of the pieces of Zamak.


For the cases that the customer requests polishing finish by vibration we have 8 vibrators.


When the client requires it, we have several external suppliers who perform all kinds of finishes like nickel, gold, satin … for both frame and drum parts.
Companies with many years of experience and excellent quality.


In this department we have all the necessary means for the inspection of: Molds, Matrices and the pieces in process of production. And for this we have:

-MITUTOYO three-dimensional measuring machine
-Projector profile MITUTOYO
-KESTREL Surface Viewing Machine
-Micrometers and Calibrators P-NP / Calibration Calves, etc …


We have 800 square meters of facilities for the storage of products once finished and ready for delivery to our customers.