Quality talleres aguayo inyeccion de zamak

We have implemented quality control systems since the 90's, with recognition by our customers. We are currently implementing the ISO 9001/2000.

The Quality Policy is done through the following guidelines:

-- The customer internal / external is the end of all our work. The customer does not need us, we to him if

- Customer satisfaction is our priority objective, which we know their needs and seek solutions satisfactory

- We intend, as a competitive advantage, leadership in quality, as a condition differential market

- The system will be established to hear the assessment on the quality of products and services

- The quality will be the responsibility of everyone in all areas, taking care to prevent, control and, where appropriate, correct the occurrence of errors

- All areas establish processes to ongoing improvement posibliliten our progress and leadership in quality

- Our suppliers will be involved in our Policy and Quality System

- Our attitude should be Total Quality, widespread throughout the enterprise level and their environment.
talleres aguayo inyeccion de zamak    
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